Returning Fitness Star Splendid in Comeback

She’s Baaaack!: Amazing Amanda Hatfield shines in her return to fitness.

Amanda Swallow was a highly popular face on physique sites and a nationally ranked fitness competitor when she slipped away from the scene about five years ago. Now that she’s back as Amanda Hatfield, enthusiastic fans are in the midst of the rousing comeback they’d long been hoping for; meanwhile, the fitness division reclaims one of its most athletic and beautiful talents of the past several years.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the tireless 40-year-old gymnastics and cheerleading coach to begin making up for lost time, securing first place at the NPC Julie Palmer Ultimate Showdown this past June in Toledo, Ohio and qualifying to compete in Fitness Nationals at Team Universe. Amanda looked great and performed well in New Jersey, but missed a jump and a press hold in an otherwise very entertaining, well-choreographed routine that was still good enough to claim fifth in the short class.

Next on Amanda’s comeback trail came the recent North Americans—where her new shoot takes place—and there she delivered a crisp, clean routine en route to a short class win. Known for dazzling strength moves and expert gymnastics skills, Amanda was at her best in Cleveland. Tall class and overall winner Danielle Ruban was the only competitor who stood between her and a pro card, on a night that not only cemented Amanda’s comeback, but restored her status as one of the division’s top contenders.

You can stop dreaming because it‘s finally true. Our amazing Mandy is back in the flesh and some might say she’s better than ever. Stay tuned, there’s plenty more of her to come.

Watch Amanda’s fitness routine from the 2011 Team Universe.
Watch Amanda’s fitness routine from the 2011 North Americans.

Coverage of 2011 North Americans shoots continues tomorrow with a look at new physique competitor Nikki Warner’s debut coming soon!

~ by Dean Sucich on September 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Returning Fitness Star Splendid in Comeback”

  1. Why in the world is there no video of her (love those arms!)?

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