Rachel Baker to Co-Host Posing Classes

Striking Poses: Rachel Baker headlines posing and presentation seminars starting next week.

Rachel Baker, in short order one of the rising stars of the new physique division, knows a thing or two about posing and presentation.

During shows, judges are like referees examining not just physiques, but tans, makeup, suit cuts and everything else on stage—every move a competitor makes right down to walks, winks and smiles. In a sport between so many great looking athletes all seemingly at their best, one little mistake here or there can cost points and end up making a difference.

Fans and other competitors instantly discuss results and break down physiques on forums and social sites, but many times the debate is limited to pictures, which only tell part of the story. Presentation is a key element often overlooked—there are things the still frame misses and you really have to be there live (or find a very good video) to understand and appreciate all that goes on.

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That’s where the magic words posing and presentation come in. And where Rachel’s versatile background and experience—she has competed in both bodybuilding and figure before shifting to physique—make her a great fit for a new posing clinic set to take place August 7th and continuing on Sundays through fall at Pro Fit Rx just outside Baltimore, Maryland. Joining Rachel for the weekend events will be figure competitor Kate Grevey.

Don’t miss it if you are an aspiring competitor in the area looking for expert insight and tips on how to polish your routine. Check out the event flyer on the right for more details.

~ by Dean Sucich on July 28, 2011.

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