Ginger Jaimes Returns to National Spotlight

Ginger Jaimes poses during her shoot at the Cals.

More contest notes as Ginger Jaimes returned to the national swing of things at Team Universe. The statuesque former sprinter turned figure girl was coming off a sixth place finish at the Cals and a rousing overall win at last fall’s San Francisco Championships.

Following the show, I caught up with the Bay Area native to get a few thoughts on her trek to the East Coast. “I traveled alone, so it was definitely an adventure,” Ginger said. “New York was great! I loved the atmosphere! I stayed in New York for the first day, then rented a car and drove to New Jersey and stayed at the host hotel. It was great there. The event was at the hotel, tanning services too!”

Ginger came away with 12th in her class which still positioned her in the top half out of 32 competitors in a competitive class E. “I was okay with my placing,” she said. “I felt good about the way I came in for this show – not too hard, not too soft – more on the lines of what the judges want.”

The 2010 NPC San Francisco Figure Champ gets ready to pump up for the cameras.

Ginger considered doing the USAs again – she finished seventh last year in Las Vegas – but instead decided she was ready for a rest and it was time to shift focus back to her family. “Not sure of my plans for the future, just keeping in shape and keeping my priorities straight, making sure my family comes first before anything else,” she said.

Ginger was a nationally-ranked figure competitor before taking time off to start a family in 2006. These days, she skillfully juggles her revitalized competitive career with work, training and being a proud mom of two. We’ll keep you posted on where her next figure journey takes her.


~ by Dean Sucich on July 19, 2011.

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