Amber Jacobs Shines at Vancouver Natural, Emerald Cup

Northwest Glow: Figure girl Amber Jacobs joyously grasps her trophy at the Vancouver Natural. Photo credit: Twixpix.

Coverage of new photoshoots from this year’s Emerald Cup continues with a look at Amber Jacobs, a figure girl from Seattle who was on a roll before a severe knee injury recently forced her out of action. The 25-year-old had planned to compete at the Washington State in July, but instead is on the mend after requiring surgery to repair a torn medial meniscus.

Amber placed third in class C at the Cup and also took fourth at this year’s Vancouver Natural. She was hoping to qualify for the USAs but will have to wait until her body heals and won’t be able to train legs again for at least three months. Before the injury, Amber shared some details about her athletic background and future plans in the sport.

Looking back, deciding to join a fast-pitch little league baseball team at age 14 led to Amber’s initial experience lifting weights. She also did karate for three years and played football, hockey and varsity baseball in junior high and high school as well as cross country. “I was always a rough and tumble girl,” she said, “I loved being physically fit, healthy and active.”

Amber poses for her shoot during Emerald Cup weekend.

Team sports continued during her college years at Western Washington University. “I was a coxswain [the leader in charge of steering and navigating] for the men’s rowing crew team and was on the club tournament waterski team,” she said. “I also personal trained and taught beginning boxing and speed-bagging.”

Asked how she got started in figure, “I have always loved weight training,” Amber explained. “In January 2010, some guy friends suggested I do a figure competition and showed me a picture in a magazine. I was like ‘I could do that.’ And away I went. Last year I did seventh in Emerald Cup my first show and first at the Empire Classic. I was the pretty happy with my physique last year but this year was pretty great too.”

Amber’s figure pursuit comes as no surprise to family and close friends. “But it has definitely changed my social life,” she admits coyly. Asked whether she ever surprised anyone with her strength, Amber recalls, “I will never forget when I asked some guys at the gym if they would help me get 50lbs dumbbells up for shoulder presses. They were pretty impressed. They’d never seen a girl (5’3″, 120lbs at the time) put up that kind of weight.”

In closing, Amber tips her hat to family and friends who have been behind her the whole way. “I’d love to give a shout out to my folks, Jim and Leah Jacobs! Some of my best friends Karen Ng, Gazalle Zontolyon, Jenny Leak, April LeBarbeque and Gretchen White. All my gym rat friends (there are so many of you), Construction Zone and Save Fitness teams.”

More of Amber coming soon on the studio. Meanwhile, here’s hoping her recovery is an extra speedy one. You can bet she has the tenacity and passion to be back in the spotlight soon but until then, the figure stage will be a little darker without her sunny and adorable smile lighting the way.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 25, 2011.

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  1. Oh dang, and I get to work with that hot lady every day!

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