Rene Marven Wins in Rhode Island; Plus Erica Cordie Update

Rene Marven won the middleweight class over the weekend at the NPC Rhode Island Championships in Lincoln, Rhode Island, securing a national qualification in her penultimate show of the year. It’s been a very successful 2011 campaign for the New York state bodybuilder.

Check out this video of her flexing and having a blast on stage during the posing round this past Saturday night in the New England region.

Rene has one more contest lined up — the Hudson Valley Championships on July 2nd in Tarrytown, New York — before hitting off season training and beginning preparations for her national-level debut coming next year.

* * *

Erica Cordie News

Taking a slightly different path in fitness circles is California’s devastatingly beautiful Erica Cordie, who entered her first bodybuilding contest a decade ago at age 21 and despite winning the heavyweight class, felt exhausted by the extreme dieting and unhappy with the results.

Erica immediately decided the competitive lifestyle wasn’t for her; fortunately, she kept right on training on her own terms and as you can see from this pic — one of dozens from her great shoot along the Pacific coast — she’s maintained a healthy, curvy and formidably muscular look.

The 5-foot-5, blue-eyed brunette is currently pursuing a personal training certificate and hopes to someday open her own gym. She’s also collaborating with a designer on a new set of fitness clothing. Go here to read more about Erica in this recent interview she did for the website, Fit Treasures Magazine.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 14, 2011.

One Response to “Rene Marven Wins in Rhode Island; Plus Erica Cordie Update”

  1. That beach photo is great! Erica. Same place as they shot the first scene in that 1978 “Grease” movie with Sandy and Danny at the ocean?

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