New Shoots From The Cals

Four posts for the price of one today…

Yeon Woo Jhi returns to the studio.

New footage of South Korean sensation Yeon Woo Jhi headlines four more shoots coming soon from the California State show held this past weekend. Also on tap will be gym segments with contest-ready Kristy Enos, in her second shoot and fresh from her big overall win in the bodybuilding division.

Dueling Kristy was heavyweight bodybuilding winner Cyndi Barros, who turned an unusual double play by taking the stage in the figure ranks as well. A similar feat was accomplished by standout Northern Californian Erica Blockman, also coming soon to the studio — make that five posts for the price of one — who competed in both bodybuilding and figure at the recent Emerald Cup.

Last but not least from the Cals is striking local talent Ginger Jaimes, a resurgent figure girl who was nationally-ranked before taking four years off to start a family beginning in 2006. The proud mom returned to the stage better than ever in 2010, becoming the reigning figure overall champ of the San Francisco Championships last fall. She’ll be one to watch at her next show, Team Universe, later this summer in New Jersey.

More news and fresh pics from these shoots still to come.

~ by Dean Sucich on June 2, 2011.

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