Catching Up with Danny J

Danny J’s return to the stage after more than a year away will have to wait a little longer than expected, but that doesn’t mean the popular trainer and competitor will be any less busy heading into the hot summer months.

Circumstances played a role in the Las Vegas star’s tough choice to cancel an earlier plan to compete in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend. “I know I’m TOTALLY missing out on the WBFF show and I’m bummed,” Danny told me last week, “especially since I met [WBFF Figure and Fitness Pro] Diana [Chaloux] and Micah at the Arnold and I was excited to get on stage again.”

But soon there will be more important matters going on in the opposite direction. Fellow competitor and trainer Aubrie Richeson is getting married in Hawaii and Danny will be on the island to see her close friend tie the knot.

She'll Be Back: Danny J will be better than ever when she hits the stage again.

Meanwhile back in fitness circles, Danny and Aubrie along with CrossFit phenom Jaquelyn Kaye have been involved in producing a series of wildly intense, boot camp style training videos that have captured the attention of followers through Facebook. “It was never a planned thing,” Danny explained about the challenges, “and none of us thought it would get as popular as it did. We were just trying to have fun and make each other barf at the same time. LOL”

Nausea notwithstanding, the hardcore challenges—from timed box jumps to heavy powerlifting sequences—involve grueling tests of strength, endurance and sometimes sanity, pushing the healthy trio to the precipice of their athletic limits. The girls emerge like modern day “Charlie’s Angels”—smart, beautiful and capable of kicking serious butt.

Stop by the Facebook fan pages of Danny, Aubrie & Jackie for more info, pics and videos!

“It’s been SUPER for motivation AND intense so I don’t feel like I need to spend soooo much time at the gym,” Danny adds. “I also love it because it’s sparked some creativity in my own workouts as well as for my clients, since I of course make them do the challenges as well.” Danny also shared that she’s planning a trip with Aubrie to make more videos at Jackie’s brand new gym in Virginia Beach. “We’re so excited for her about that.”

Elsewhere on the agenda for Danny is the Fitness Expo in Boise, Idaho on June 8th. “I will also be doing an event in San Diego with My Fight With Fat called ‘Let’s Get Physical’ on July 17th to educate and promote fitness and healthy lifestyles to ALL people.”

As for competitions, Danny is staying mum on the subject for now but keep an eye out for possible surprises to come from our Sin City fitness diva.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 18, 2011.

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