Will Physique Be The New Bodybuilding?

Thanks to everyone who voted in the previous poll asking about thoughts on the new physique division, which makes its long awaited debut at the Jr USAs in South Carolina on May 21st. As for the results, many of you (48-percent) came out in favor of the new division, but a large majority remains divided. For some (18-percent), the jury is still out; for a few others (12-percent), the division is superfluous; and the rest of you (22-percent) are outright opposed.

Divisive Division: Women’s Physique has excited some and rankled others. What does it mean for the sport’s future? Only time will tell.

Suspecting most of the “don’t like it” votes are motivated by the new division’s perceived negative impact on bodybuilding, which is a significant concern. At a time when competitor numbers for female bodybuilding are down, many industry insiders have little hope a turnaround is likely. Sadly, fitness continues to struggle as well, although loyal fans and devoted competitors are determined to keep it alive—and hopefully will succeed.

It doesn’t look like bodybuilding, at least in the NPC and IFBB, will be as fortunate for much longer. It won’t vanish from the radar completely (federations like the WBFF, WNBF and others will pick up some slack) but the forecast is gloomy. The coffers are empty, fans are dwindling and promoters are dropping events. No one is going to buy stock in a company going bankrupt.

On the other hand, like a new bicycle at the holidays, WP’s anticipated fresh look has athletes and fans willing and excited enough to take a ride. Will it last? We’ll see. But doubters might want to consider all those bikini cynics still wiping egg off their faces from a few years ago. Despite critics, that idea seems to be working out just fine. Smaller figure girls shifted to bikini and now more muscular ones, along with streamlined lightweight and middleweight bodybuilders, are lining up to try physique.

Times change and so do minds. The definition of ‘bodybuilder’ will remain up in the air and the swirling debate about rewarding the biggest or the most symmetrical will continue to churn. But we’ll move on and adjust, right?

So the current poll on the sidebar addresses this new schism likely to develop, asking whether you think physique will ultimately become the new bodybuilding. Maybe it never will. Maybe it already has.

~ by Dean Sucich on May 13, 2011.

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