Fitness Nationals Champ Stacy Wright Joins Pros in New York

Fitness in the City: Stacy Wright looks to take a bite out of the Big Apple at the New York Pro.

Stacy Wright is headed back to Manhattan for the New York Pro Fitness Championships on Saturday. It will be the IFBB debut for the reigning Fitness Nationals overall winner, who claimed her pro card last summer in nearby Hackensack, New Jersey.

Stacy’s excited and ready for the chance to share the stage with many pros whom she’s looked up to for years. “I’ve worked harder than I ever have before,” she blogged on preparing for her pro debut. “I had to step up my game. I want to prove that giving me a pro card at Team Universe last year was the right decision!”

It was and she will.

The West Virginia native is known for creative, high energy routines and powerful strength moves and can be counted on to bring serious skills to the pro stage. Even though she’ll be mixing it up with some crafty veterans, Stacy has plenty of reason to be confident and the fiercely talented rookie could easily make the top five.

About a month out from the show, she showed some moves in this great video from her practice studio — I love how the open space of the room captures the force of her athletic flips and landings with thunderous echoes — and talked to the camera about adding 15 to 20 pounds of muscle since beginning seven years ago. Stacy continues to be a wonderful ambassador for the sport she loves, always offering to help women thinking of giving it a try.

Good luck to Stacy in the great Big Apple. Meanwhile, here’s a highlight reel of our blonde fitness star in sporty workout wear displaying her chiseled back and biceps during a shoot back in 2009.


~ by Dean Sucich on April 7, 2011.

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