Arnold Weekend Not for the Weak

The Arnold Sports Festival is, of course, an annual muscle extravaganza of relentless proportions. Parties at local haunts throughout the small city spill into the night long after lights at the crowded expo go dim, making fancy luxuries like sleep — or the strains of early morning cardio — a daunting challenge.

Navigating the exhausting Arnold weekend takes strong wheels.

I have yet to try it for myself, but from reading accounts of those who have, enduring the entire weekend in Columbus sounds like insurmountable fun with merely an epic test of stamina as a caveat. It’s a good thing most people who travel there are in pretty good shape to begin with.

Fortunately, impressionistic musings give way to the real thing and a recent studio photo gallery chronicles a genuine Arnold-style after hours bash. In stunning contest condition, Katka Kyptova seductively headlines a small but pleasing cast of characters, with her signature razor-sharp and massive calves (pictured right) bulging from below. The powerhouse Czech bodybuilder celebrated a fourth-place finish over the weekend in the Amateur heavyweight division.

Also on hand were Michelle Blank and Lilli Ewing. Lilli competed in bodybuilding while new fitness pro Michelle took time out for some photoshoots, including one for us! Stay tuned for more coverage of that coming up later.

Other highlights found via YouTube included coverage of the exciting class A figure finals, where our own Cheri Nguyen took home a second-place trophy and Elsie Velazquez earned fifth-place honors. Striking Canadian competitor Angela DeFrancesco — a beautiful blonde with a polished physique to keep an eye on — was first in a strong class of shorties.

~ by Dean Sucich on March 16, 2011.

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  1. I’ve really gotten interested in female biceps and I’m impressed.

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