Stephanie Willes Makes Big Leap to Bodybuilding

Shortly after completing her debut as a bodybuilder, former figure girl Stephanie Willes was already pondering the next move in her journey on stage. “Women’s Bodybuilding is here to stay,” she wrote enthusiastically on her blog, “but in 2011 the addition of Women’s Physique will be interesting to say the least. Only time will tell where I fit in.”

As the landscape of the sport changes, many competitors are having similar thoughts. Fortunately, there was no question where Stephanie fit in at the Las Vegas Classic last November after the 5-foot-4, 132-pound middleweight won her class and was crowned overall bodybuilding champ in her hometown show. “My switch to bodybuilding was a great move for me,” Stephanie wrote. “All my hard work and dedication is paying off.”

Congrats to Stephanie on her rookie win and best of luck as she makes her way to the national level. For now, her contest plans are undecided but we’ll keep you posted on where she lands next… Meanwhile, stay tuned for news on last week’s Arnold and some fresh faces coming soon.


~ by Dean Sucich on March 12, 2011.

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