Tri-Fitness’ Kelly Decolati Turns to Figure

Contest Shape & Sizzle: Confident and sliced Kelly Decolati poses after her figure competition at the 2010 NPC Excalibur in LA.

Kelly Decolati is another impressive Tri-Fitness competitor who’s recently taken her act to the NPC, rising to the national stage as a figure competitor. Last season included stops at Team Universe and the USAs before finishing up at the Excalibur, where she was photographed for the site after placing third in class B.

The masters figure champ at the 2008 Fitness America is a longtime certified personal trainer and group fitness director with Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas. According to her website, she began in the industry working at a health club at just 13 while growing up in Boulder, Colorado.

Kelly’s passion for Tri-Fitness style obstacle courses started back in the early 90s, and she won numerous awards until a torn ACL in 2005 threatened to pull her away from the sport. It didn’t. The determined athlete and expert teacher was able to fully recover and hasn’t lost a step as her amazing training, coaching and competitive journey now enters its fourth decade.

~ by Dean Sucich on February 21, 2011.

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