Cinzia Clapp Leads Charge for Better Health in Alaska

Cinzia Clapp is on a mission to change lives and make a difference in her homestate. A champion on stage, the 41-year-old personal trainer and fitness pro — who joined the IFBB ranks after winning the medium class at last summer’s Team Universe Fitness Nationals — is also championing an intense pursuit for improving health and fitness at the training studio she owns with her husband, Shawn, in Eagle River, Alaska.

Together, the couple is rallying clients to work toward and achieve fitness goals through the launching of Fat Attack Camps, a grueling two-week plan of intense workouts and nutrition instructions focused on getting results and having fun in the process. With a teacher like Cinzia in their corner, it’s no wonder positive feedback from energized clients floods the pro’s inbox on a regular basis.

Cinzia does some fitness tricks during her ’09 shoot.

On the competitive front, this is already shaping up to be an exciting, whirlwind year for the tireless wife, mom, industry professional and contest promoter. Cinzia is preparing to perform a guest routine at Tanji Johnson’s upcoming show in Vancouver, Washington on April 2nd — returning to the same stage where she won the fitness overall in ‘08.

“I look forward to being a part of what will be another great show,” Cinzia wrote in a thread on Siouxcountry, “as well as cheering for many of my friends and to, once again, accompany our team of competitors from CMC Personal Training Studio.”

More with Cinzia at the Emerald Cup in Seattle.

From there, Cinzia’s competition plans include a trip to Ontario, Canada in June, where she’ll take on the fitness elite at the Toronto Pro. It will be just her second pro show after debuting at the 2010 Europa Supershow. No question, there will be a rooting interest up in the Northwest corner and beyond cheering for the deserving Alaska superstar to earn a berth in this year’s Olympia.

~ by Dean Sucich on February 19, 2011.

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