Un’Finnish’ed Business

Minna Pajulahti poses during her studio shoot at the most recent Olympia.

In more news and notes covering our latest update, Minna Pajulahti is the current cover girl for Body magazine, a popular fitness publication in her native Finland. The issue also includes her own column, the young fitness pro shares on her blog.

The prestigious cover shoot and feature article nicely caps a wonderful year for the 29-year-old, who earned her IFBB status and later made her pro debut at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup. After the show, Minna wrote about the exciting experience in Florida, where meeting some of the girls backstage gave her a chance to make new friends while scouting some of the best routines in the sport.

Finland's hottest new fitness star will be on her toes in the pro ranks next year.

Having learned more about the competition she faces, the rookie is already looking ahead to the challenge of climbing the standings after finishing 14th. “We have made plans and analyzed the contest and what I need to do to get a better result next time,” she wrote.

The determined 5-foot-4 former gymnast and two-time cheerleading team dance champion was back in the gym blasting her formidable upper body less than a week after the show.

Minna has overcome tough odds in the past — most notably coming back from surgery to repair a torn ACL suffered during cheer dance training in 2006 — and there’s little reason to doubt her chances for a big rebound again next season. This new phase of her competitive journey definitely has her psyched. “The game has just started,” she says.


~ by Dean Sucich on December 28, 2010.

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