Canadian Figure & Femsport Athlete Debuts

An updated version of my earlier post on Canadian figure competitor Michelle Krack, revised with photos from her shoot posted today. Enjoy!

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Girl: Dazzling figure competitor Michelle Krack poses by the fountain.

On her website, Canadian Michelle Krack details a longtime passion for athletics covering sports from softball and soccer to track & field and rugby. It’s a passion that grew into a lifestyle and career and today the 33-year-old has a degree in Physics and Kinesiology, works as a personal trainer and continues to educate about health & fitness.

Meanwhile, the 5-foot-9, 140-pound blonde is a national level figure competitor with polished stage presence to go with striking abs and very shapely biceps. Today’s update features Michelle over the summer during her competition at the North Americans.

In this snapshot, Wendy Lindquist looks on as her statuesque friend and fellow British Columbia native gets ready to show her stuff at the Femsport Strength and Fitness Challenge in Western Canada. The very pretty Michelle is definitely a girl with many talents.


~ by Dean Sucich on December 17, 2010.

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