Encore Shoots Part II

Double Take: Tiffany is back and looking better than ever!

Another pair of sophomore shoots on the studio beginning with figure girl Tiffany Whitmore, who took the stage recently in her home state of Florida and placed ninth in her class at the NPC Ft. Lauderdale. She also competed at the Dexter Jackson Classic in Jacksonville last summer.

Tiffany was in sharp, midseason form during her latest shoot captured over Olympia weekend, with this new video highlight revealing noticeable improvements to the sexy personal trainer’s impressive upper body, including chiseled biceps and outstanding razor-sharp triceps.

* * *

Also to come, more of iron belle Mary Simmons, who missed the finals in her first turn at NPC Nationals but suddenly is an ideal candidate to flourish in the widely anticipated new physique division starting next season. Is a crossover in the works for the muscular Montana mom? Stay tuned.

~ by Dean Sucich on November 26, 2010.

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