Fitness Tricks & Flexing Treats

Mighty Swell: Figure competitor Tori Stroud examines her impressive peak.

Something different today. First, a look at high-flying fitness competitor Paula Williams-Gulman showing strength and athleticism in a quick snippet from her wildly energetic routine at this year’s Jr. Nationals. Paula placed sixth and went on to consecutive third-place finishes at Team Universe and North Americans. The 5-foot-1 “firecracker” is definitely a short class pro card contender.

Then shifting from firecrackers to firefighters, here’s a new sample clip of figure girl Tori Stroud, who many of you voted as a favorite among the models featured on the current banner. No question, the Seattle firefighter certainly has a way of heating things up. So there you have it, some fitness tricks and flexing treats to help sweeten the holiday. Happy Halloween!


~ by Dean Sucich on October 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fitness Tricks & Flexing Treats”

  1. Thank you♥
    Can’t tell you how much I APPRECIATE reading this! This is what keeps me going in Fitness. Can’t wait to try again next season♥
    Paula Williams-Gulman

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