Stephanie Willes Targets Las Vegas Classic For Bodybuilding Debut

Striking Poses: Former figure and soon-to-be bodybuilder Stephanie draws a crowd during her shoot at Muscle Beach.

Certified personal trainer and Las Vegas local Stephanie Willes has marked the Las Vegas Classic on November 6th as the site for the former softball and volleyball player’s bodybuilding debut. Last year, the 31-year-old mom of three began her competitive journey on the same stage as a figure competitor and reached the top five in her class. This summer, she finished third at the West Coast Classic.

However, Stephanie quickly started thinking about a crossover to the flexing side after her national figure debut at USAs fell short. Sporting a powerful, marvelously athletic but thicker and more muscular physique than current division standards, the brunette got lost in the shuffle and didn’t make it beyond prejudging.

Like many tweeners, she might face a similar conundrum on the other side of the track (too big for figure but too small for bodybuilding), but it’s the journey that counts and having fun. Besides, as you can tell by the picture accompanying this post, few casting glimpses during her blockbuster shoot at the venerable Muscle Beach in Venice, California were particularly worried about contest rankings — they were too busy admiring her.

Good luck to Stephanie in Las Vegas and be sure to check out her new website for more pics and the latest news.


~ by Dean Sucich on October 29, 2010.

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