Elsie Wins Class; Alli Rallies at North Americans

Short & Sweet: Elsie becomes newest A-class champ at last weekend's North Americans.

During my interview with her back in early July, Elsie Velazquez still hadn’t decided whether to compete beyond this year’s Team Universe. “I have a few friends who may be doing North Americans and I am contemplating it but will decide in a few weeks,” she said. “I am exhausted and think I may need a break.”

Exhaustion likely gave way to elation on Saturday night for Elsie, who lined up on stage at North Americans and narrowly missed walking off with a pro card after winning class A. It was easily her best show of the season after finishing 11th in New Jersey and 10th at Jr. Nationals.

Even better was the fact that Elsie, a Cleveland native, captured the win while spinning quarter turns in front a hometown crowd. Glad she decided to go ahead with this show as she was clearly on top of her game.

We’re currently working through a backlog of shoots but stay tuned for more of Elsie, the Mighty Mouse of Figure, coming soon on the studio!

Strong Second: Alli back in contention after best finish ever.

Elsewhere at North Americans, figure overall and class C champ Kaylen McKenzie (a gymnastics coach from Tennessee) along with runner-up and class D winner Meredith Berthelson (a former bodybuilder out of Montana) were the lucky two competitors to turn pro along Lake Erie. Kaylen’s look was an especially dazzling mix of athletic muscle and femininity — she’ll be a rookie to keep an eye on in the IFBB.

And major props to the resurgent Allison Moyer, who finished second in class E and rebounded stirringly from a disappointing showing at Team Universe. The Pennsylvania hardbody brought her best package ever to the national stage and launched herself right back into the pro card sweepstakes.

Followers of Alli’s blog know she was determined not to end up anywhere near last call outs again, and her plucky, inspired effort to claw back to the top — channeling her emotions and energy into correcting flaws in the gym rather than complaining about scoring — shows both how passionate she is about her goals in the sport and what having a winning attitude is all about.


~ by Dean Sucich on September 7, 2010.

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