Figure Competitor Brooke Holladay Coming Soon

Young Guns: Coming to the studio, Brooke Holladay, 21, is one of figure's brightest new stars.

Stay tuned for galleries of Brooke Holladayan accomplished dancer and softball player from Salt Lake City, Utah — coming up soon from her recent shoot at the USAs, where the stunning 5-foot-8, 138-pound newbie made her national level figure debut. This 21-year-old physique starlet is easily one of our most exciting new models of the year.

A modern dance major studying at the University of Utah, Brooke got her first taste of the industry when she befriended former Miss Fitness Utah’s Jenny Larsen, who arrived at campus to teach kickboxing. Brooke was so impressed with Jenny’s look and attitude that she teamed up with the fitness champ in the gym hoping to learn one-handed pushups and other athletic tricks required to excel on stage.

Stepping Up: In addition to figure, Brooke is a talented student of modern dance techniques including contemporary, hip-hop, jazz and ballet.

The good coaching worked as the eager young student’s own competitive journey later began with a flourish. Brooke won her class and placed second overall in her first show, the NPC Utah Gold’s Classic in ‘09. Brooke now has her sights set on becoming a pro in the World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation, new home of fitness legend Monica Brant.

Check out a great clip of Brooke in another shoot from the USAs, courtesy of our friends at Athletic Women Magazine.

We’ve got plenty more of Brooke to come here on the studio, including some playful girl-on-girl lift and carry action in which the strapping and sporty platinum blonde shows the strength that made her a prime candidate when dance class called for a girl to hoist one of the boys during a routine. Now that’s fitness quality razzle-dazzle.

This weekend, the future fitness covergirl is visiting Canada for the first time, in town for the summer edition of Femsport in Vancouver. “All I have packed is shorts and workout gear,” she wrote recently on her blog. “I hope Femsport goes well for me.”

Brooke is on hand to do more than just watch the festivities; she’ll be doing interviews with other competitors and some fitness modeling. It’s more than likely many will note that a quick glimpse of Brooke’s stunning physique — with its beautifully proportioned curves and bodybuilder-like muscle density — suggests she could more than hold her own in many of the popular strongwoman events taking place up in the Great Northwest today.


~ by Dean Sucich on August 21, 2010.

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