Quick Takes

Fan-Favorite Wendy Lindquist

Today’s Quick Take highlights our irresistible Canadian musclegirl Wendy Lindquist posing amidst the scenic mountains of Washington. The British Columbia bodybuilder, strongwoman competitor and personal trainer was in town competing at the Emerald Cup, where she took third in middleweights and delighted the audience with a playful bicep kiss during her routine.

Her latest shoot feature some spectacular views of soaring evergreens stretching towards the sky of the great Northwest. But the wonders of nature take a backseat to the adorable natural wonder that’s Wendy, proudly flexing those contest-shape 15-inch cannonball biceps with a smile that tells you she knows “she’s got it!” Don’t you just love Wendy?


~ by Dean Sucich on August 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Quick Takes”

  1. The only thing even close to rivaling Wendy’s perfect biceps is her adorable personality. She knows what we like, she knows she’s got it but shows it off in a way that’s playful and downright cute!

  2. Doesn’t that pic of Wendy just about tell it all. Damn, she’s great.

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