Michelle Bates Energized After Solid Showing at USAs

Blue Baby: Michelle smiles after winning her class at this year’s San Diego Championships.

If earning a pro card represents cloud nine, Michelle Bates might have reached cloud six or seven by now especially after a fourth-place finish in figure’s F class at the USAs last weekend launched the blue-eyed, blonde beauty from Southern California into the upper echelon of the NPC. “I am very happy with what I brought to the USAs,” Michelle shared with me this week. “That was definitely my best stage look to date.”

Michelle has every reason to be excited. The striking figure competitor has been on quite a roll this season with her solid placing at the ultra competitive national show in Las Vegas coming on the heels of a class win at the San Diego Championships in March. Meanwhile, the improvements she’s made to her already strapping frame has made slowing down the towering 5-foot-10, 140-pound track & field athlete — a former discus throw and shot put specialist — an equally tall order.

“I think my largest improvement was tightening up my midsection,” she explained. “I concentrated on specific ab exercises and breathing techniques. My cardio incorporated a lot of HIIT [High-intensity interval training] sessions, which really helped to lean out my body while maintaining my legs.”

Michelle’s commitment to the sport is further illuminated when she reveals her hardcore training regimen. Heading to the gym bright and early each morning around 5:00am, she hits the weights followed by a session of cardio before going to work. In the evening, it’s straight back to the gym to finish anything missed as well as target any body part she feels is in need of a little extra attention. “Then depending on the day,” she says, “I do my second cardio session.”

Stretch Run: After finishing strong at USAs, the SoCal figure girl looks to lead the tall class at Nationals this fall.

While Michelle notes that each contest prep is different, for USAs, she spent time concentrating on delts, abs and calves as well as keeping an eye on her overall shape. As far as the future goes for the leggy and luscious figure girl, she’s been mostly enjoying the days since the USAs ended but plans to get focused this weekend on her next show, the NPC Nationals coming up on October 15th.

After a very promising turn, the rising star will head to the stage in Atlanta, Georgia with a growing sense of confidence and a lot of momentum on her side. “The USAs has given me renewed energy and drive that will carry me through to October.”

At this rate and with a little luck, we hope it carries her beyond — and right into the pros.


~ by Dean Sucich on August 7, 2010.

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