Fit Youtuber Flaunts Athleticism in New Shoot

Net Gain: Fern Assard works out during her shoot in California. The figure girl has long shared her fitness quest with fans through blogging and Youtube.

Successfully using the power and reach of the Internet, figure competitor Fern Assard has essentially created an online chronicle of her fitness journey since it began when the soon to be 42-year-old stepped into a gym four years ago. “I don’t want to be Barbie,” she says with a confident wink, “I want to bench press her.”

Today, Fern’s Bodyspace blog is approaching one thousand entries while her Youtube channel — an extensive video diary of contest snippets, workout footage, interviews, flexing, progress reports and candid moments — has made the enterprising and savvy Connecticut native one of the most popular fitness models on the web.

Fern does her thing in her latest clip — it’s one of her best!

Moreover, thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication, Fern’s not quite the shy and skinny former cheerleader she once was but rather a steely 5-foot-2, 118-pound rock of chiseled abs, split biceps, dancing pecs and flowing blonde hair. With charming splashes of coquettish aplomb, she’s fast gaining on a goal to become one of the sexiest moms on the planet.

Competition-wise, Fern is prepping for the NPC Europa Figure Championships coming up on July 23rd in Hartford, Conn. She’s coming off a second-place finish in her class at the Rhode Island state show in May.

Meanwhile, it’s only appropriate to add to the New Englander’s online legacy with this new highlight showing off her strength and athletic prowess during a shoot last month on the bustling, sun-drenched beach of Santa Monica, California. Now an online flexing sensation, Fern continues to be an inspiration to American moms seeking a new beginning in health and fitness.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 28, 2010.

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