Fortysomething Mom Living Figure Dream

Michelle Bigler

Born in Southern California, youthful and vibrant Michele Bigler is a 43-year-old dental hygienist and mother of three now living in Laketown, Utah. She began training only two years ago looking to shed fifty pounds and within a year was standing on stage as a first-time figure competitor.

Michele started making waves competing in the Utah and San Diego Championships last year and taking third in each. Her best moment was still to come at the 2009 Emerald Cup, where the 5-foot-3 athlete won her class and moved on to the national stage.

A hiking and mountain biking enthusiast, Michele’s great physique is highlighted by striking lower body development on par with many lightweight bodybuilders. Part of her training also comprises running up to 35 miles each week.

Michele slipped to 10th at this year’s Cup, perhaps struggling with the too muscular, tweener label flummoxing many in figure. “I am naturally more muscular and I could never be too soft,” she says.

The Northern Utah figure girl shows off her signature quads.

The former brunette shifts to a fetching fair-haired look for her new photoshoot featuring two segments, one in a stylish black and white dress and another working out in the gym coming later. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of those legs but just in case you’re curious, she sites biceps as a training favorite.

Michele’s currently training under coach Kim Oddo and doing some of her own personal training and nutrition consulting. Meanwhile, she’s dreaming of winning a pro card and inspiring women of all ages to resist putting time limits on looking and feeling their best. “It is never too late to dare to live your dream,” she says.

For more, check out Michele’s interview with HardFitness.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 15, 2010.

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