Bikini Competitor Bernadette Inoue Coming Soon!

Kudos to Kevin Myles of for this great interview with Benadette Inoue after the tireless 37-year-old registered nurse and mom of four from Temecula, California recently captured the bikini masters overall title at the Orange County Championships.

Bernadette Inoue at the Cal State Champs. Photo credit: Nga Azarian,

The former figure turned bikini girl took time out for a photoshoot at the O.C. and you’ll be seeing much more of the brunette champ — still carrying a lot of figure muscle on her 5-foot-3, 116-pound physique — coming up on the studio.

Bernadette went on to compete at the Cal State Championships where she took eighth in open bikini and seventh in masters. She’s currently contemplating a trip to Ohio later this summer for a turn on the national stage at the North Americans.

The wife of Tad Inoue, better known as Tad the Diet Coach, Bernadette hopes to have the same success in NPC Bikini as she did as a figure competitor in the WNBF, where she turned pro in 2006.

On switching divisions, Bernadette says she was looking to try something new after the birth of her last child, which was a complicated pregnancy requiring a C-section. “After doing the Orange County show in April,” she told Bodysport, “I was convinced to stay with the bikini division because it was more relaxed and fun.”

After earning her stripes in figure — and with so much on her plate in life — this veritable Supermom is more than entitled to have some fun.

~ by Dean Sucich on June 7, 2010.

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