Armwrestling Dominates Strength Challenge Poll

Easy Winner: Jessica grins confidently before her match against Lou. Armwrestling was the runaway choice for favorite strength challenge.

Thanks to everyone for voting in last month’s poll. No surprise armwrestling proved to be the overwhelming favorite when it comes to showcasing strength, capturing a whopping 101 votes and leading the way wire-to-wire.

The battle for runner-up came down to weightlifting and lift & carry, with heavy metal finally edging out the latter with 60 votes. L&C continues to have a strong following and picked up 58 votes to snag a close third.

In the best of the rest, the rarely seen bar bending challenge was a sleeper, scoring 45 votes to slip into fourth ahead of shirt ripping (43) and fruit crushing (32). Not much enthusiasm for tug of war (17), although it did surge slightly after the clips of Amanda and Casie went up!

Curls For Girls: A peek at Jenn's peak during bicep curls shows why weightlifting was a top pick.

Fitness tricks finished with only 19 votes, suggesting that, like most sports, nothing compares to seeing it live. Brief segments on the small screen are okay but there’s nothing like the excitement of watching the girls perform routines with blazing speed, creativity and incredible moves on the big stage.

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas of their own by way of write-in choices. The top ones were pull-ups, pushups and wrestling. Slight miscalculation on my part not making pull-ups one of the categories since it received a good handful of votes. There’s always next time!

In honor of the winner, enjoy an armwrestling highlight from the ‘08 Junior Nationals featuring yours truly going up against bodybuilding sweetheart Sarah Hayes (wasn’t even close, but enjoyed every moment). Talk about a winner, they don’t come much better, more charming — or stronger — than Sarah.

Strength Challenge Poll Results:

1) Armwrestling….101 votes

2) Weightlifting…….60

3) Lift & Carry………58

4) Bar Bending……..45

5) Shirt Ripping……43

6) Fruit Crushing….32

7) Fitness Tricks…..19

8  Tug of War……….17


~ by Dean Sucich on June 5, 2010.

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