Gym Owner Adriana Medina Finds Way in Fitness

Fitness & figure competitor Adriana Medina

Personal trainer and gym owner Adriana Medina treated the home crowd to a lively routine at the recent Emerald Cup, where the spunky 33-year-old local marathon runner and dancer sprinted and high-kicked her way to a solid fifth-place finish in the fitness short class. But the cheers and high-fives didn’t stop there.

Two more members of Fuerte Fitness, Adriana’s new fitness studio in Seattle, also took part in the show. Amber Jacobs and Lisa Johnson lined up in separate figure classes and finished seventh and 11th respectively for the competitive coterie known as Team Fuerte (Spanish for strong). Adriana also competed in figure and placed seventh among shorties.

Off to the gym

She wasn’t finished because down in the Bay Area two weeks ago, Adriana took the stage at the Contra Costa and locked up third in fitness. This short video details her tenaciously practicing her moves a few days out from the event — showing how much time and energy it takes to polish a fitness routine — and another clip features her donning a flamboyant wig for a performance at Tanji Johnson’s fitness show in Vancouver last year.

It actually wasn’t too long ago that Adriana’s routine was more flexing and posing rather than strength holds and acrobatics. The versatile brunette competed as a lightweight bodybuilder for two years — earning a novice overall title at the Washington Ironman in ’04 — before turning to figure. But even though she’s found her niche in the exciting world of fitness, she hasn’t lost that bodybuilding swagger.


~ by Dean Sucich on June 4, 2010.

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