Nell Bautista Joins Fans Today at Cal Champs

Nell shows off some California muscle.

Physique stars and fans on the west coast will gather today for the IFBB and NPC California Championships going on in Culver City. Among those in attendance will be Nell Bautista from nearby Fullerton. She’s not competing this time but will be cheering on close friend Meriza DeGuzman taking stage in the pro show looking for an Olympia bid.

The friendship between Nell and Meriza, incidentally, traces back to ‘07. Seeking improvements after her figure debut at the Los Angeles Championships, Nell worked with Meriza and nutritionist Pete Ciccone from 619 Muscle out of San Diego to solidify her training program. As a result, Nell quickly won her class as well as the Masters overall at the Border States Championships.

Nell returned to L.A. the following year and claimed another Masters crown to go along with a win in class C and towards the end of ‘08, she placed a strong second to overall winner Ali Olson at the Excalibur Championships.

Currently, Nell is a personal trainer and has her own website. She has tentative plans to compete again later this year.

~ by Dean Sucich on May 29, 2010.

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