Dani Rouleau Strikes a Pose

Gym Time: Dani gets ready to hit the weights.

Fresh from her new galleries, here’s a few shots of shapely and stunning Dani Rouleau flashing a great smile and showing off that strong, balanced physique during a gym segment at the Jr Nats last summer. Dani wasn’t competing that weekend but was a month out from the USAs and looking sharp. Just look at the powerhouse quads on the former gymnast and dancer as she squeezes out a rep on the leg extension!

Things heated up later during the shoot when local hardbody Katie Peterson stopped by and was promptly swept off her feet when the mighty figure girls shared a fun moment for the camera. One sure thing, it’s inspiring knowing that whether the chips are down or not, these supportive ladies are always there to give each other a friendly “lift.”

Dani’s competition season kicks off this year at the Jr USAs down in Houston, Texas on August 28th. Be sure to check her website for updates and remember to keep up with Dani on her new facebook fanpage. She’s angling for 10,000 friends so if you like what you see here — and why wouldn’t you? — head over and join the club.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 27, 2010.

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