Casie Surprises Amanda in Tug of War

Go Figure: Amanda and Casie pose before facing each other in a Tug of War bracket-buster.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Rising national-level bodybuilder Amanda Folstad took on strapping former college hoopster turned figure girl Casie Leigh in a hard-hitting Tug of War battle between a pair of outstanding athletes.

Dominating Fashion: Never a doubt as Casie pulls off upset.

The result was decisively one-sided in favor of the steely-handed and determined Casie, henceforth the Ms. Olympia of Tug of War players. Give props to Amanda’s indomitable competitiveness, however, for taking on the challenge while depleted after competing in the heavyweight class — and winning it — at the Excalibur Championships that same weekend.

Big thanks overall to these two fun-loving and beautiful young ladies for putting on such a spirited and thoroughly entertaining show for us. We were the real winners here. How about armwrestling for the rematch next time? We can dream.

Have an opinion on the match? Suggestions for the next one? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 15, 2010.

One Response to “Casie Surprises Amanda in Tug of War”

  1. People don’t always realize how much height gives a person alot of leverage in certain strength contests like armwrestling, tug of war or even wrestling. But taller people struggle on bodyweight exercises like pullups. I’m actually not surprised. Awesome contest and props to Amanda for doing this so close to completing a competition.

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