Bodybuilder Pam Wentz — Coming Soon!

Pam Wentz poses at the '09 Team Universe, where she won the middleweight class.

A strong third-place finish at the North Americans last summer began a hot streak for Pam Wentz — capped three weeks later at Team Universe where she flexed her way up to first-place and a middleweight class trophy. It was an impressive pair of shows for the 39-year-old veteran bodybuilder, who could contend for a pro card next month when she takes the stage at Junior Nationals.

A lifelong athlete who idolized Cory Everson and began lifting weights in her early teens, Pam was once a standout high school volleyball player with the highest vertical leap on the team despite being just 5-foot-2. She has been a bodybuilder since ’98, has spent time as a powerlifter, and owes much of her outstanding leg development to years training as an accomplished equestrienne.

Pam also works as a massage therapist and a pilates instructor in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio… Look for her exclusive video-only shoot on the studio soon.


~ by Dean Sucich on May 6, 2010.

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