New Poll: Favorite Strength Challenges

Two Easy: A pair of friends get a lift from powerful Pennsylvanian Ninja Nancy.

What do you like to see when it comes to bodybuilders and fitness girls testing their strength and athleticism with fun challenges during photoshoots on the studio?

We all have our favorites — armwrestling, pumping the weights, doing tricky fitness moves like press holds and one-arm pushups — so here’s your chance to vote for the ones that really get your heart racing in this latest poll.

On the sidebar, you’ll see a list with some of the more popular strength challenges mixed with a few unique ones. For this little experiment, you can pick up to three choices so don’t leave out your second and third favorites. You can even add your own if I left it off the list!

Keeping with the theme is today’s picture, making it a good bet that lift & carry fans will rally around our towering fitness model and martial artist Ninja Nancy thanks to one of her many showstopping feats of strength — an amazing double-lift that probably had passerby doing a double take at the recent Arnold.

Ninja Nancy’s myspace

~ by Dean Sucich on May 1, 2010.

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