European Figure Champ Shines

Nicoleta Chiorean

A week-long trend of exciting first looks continues with today’s tantalizing glimpse of lovely Nicoleta Chiorean, a stunning 28-year-old who competed in the figure division at this year’s Arnold Amateur.

Despite missing the top five in the short class, this world-class figure girl — a two-time national champion in Ireland — positively shined on stage and remains a bright new addition to our roster of Euromuscle cuties.

Originally from the gymnastics hotbed of Romania, Nicoleta began training for figure competitions only a few years ago. Currently, she’s a personal trainer running her own gym in Ireland, married and the mom of a seven-year-old daughter.

Watch for more from Nicoleta’s shoot coming soon. Ironically, becoming a fitness model was one of her dreams when she first started.



~ by Dean Sucich on April 13, 2010.

One Response to “European Figure Champ Shines”

  1. You will definitely enjoy our update of Nicoleta. She’s got the ‘IT’ factor. No doubt about that gang. Coming..very soon.

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