Figure Competitor Meaghan Faragasso — Coming Soon!

Introducing another fresh face in 29-year-old Meaghan Faragasso, who placed fifth in her class at the recent NPC San Diego Championships in her hometown. She’s coming off a year in which she qualified nationally for the first time, having stepped into the spotlight at the USAs last summer.

Meaghan grew up in Virginia where the lengthy 5-foot-8, 122-pound athlete participated in track, softball and soccer. She also improved her strength and endurance in the demanding sport of competitive rowing as a crew member on a team based in Washington DC.

Tall class figure girl Meaghan Faragasso.

Today, having shifted to the west coast, Meaghan works as a successful personal trainer and lifestyle coach for a club in San Diego. But the road hasn’t always been smooth for this aspiring fitness model and promising figure competitor.

In a feature published in this week’s San Diego News, Meaghan shares her inspiring story of how making the lifelong commitment to fitness training and better nutrition helped her overcome a once dangerous struggle with an eating disorder and bouts of depression. Check out the complete article here.

You can also visit Meaghan’s page on Bodyspace, which includes some snazzy pictures — in both blonde and reddish tresses — as well as the following quote on why she loves working out. “A well developed physique is a living work of art because muscle is incredibly sexy and beautiful.” Nice.

More of Meaghan to come in the weeks ahead so stay tuned.


~ by Dean Sucich on April 11, 2010.

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