Shelsea-Mania Envelops Pro Bikini Stage

Pro debut right around the corner for this little "SeaShel"

It’s been awhile since first-ever bikini pro Shelsea Montes stepped on stage but that’s about to change in a big way in the coming weeks. The short class and overall winner at last year’s Junior USAs launches a three-show flurry with her highly anticipated IFBB debut at the Europa Show of Champions Pro Fitness, Figure & Bikini event in Orlando, Florida on April 16th.

Shelsea has been sharing progress on her Facebook Fanpage and is excited to reveal the adjustments she’s made to her physique this offseason. “I can’t wait to see what my body looks like contest ready,” she said, “its going to look different from Jr. USAs but for the better!

Here’s a cool clip of Shelsea posing and getting a lift from good friend and fellow bikini competitor Abby Marie, during the gals’ Sisters in Arms shoot last summer in Las Vegas.

The curly-haired young star out of Austin, Texas has been working diligently to build up her upper body to match her solid legs and bring a better overall package to the pro stage. Enduring those grueling early morning workouts hasn’t always been easy, but Shelsea realizes that in order to be the best, she has to train like the best — a maxim her new gym partner, the sensational Adela Garcia, knows plenty about and has four Fitness Olympia medals as proof.

It feels good to see changes because once I do, I get more motivated,” Shelsea wrote. “When it becomes tough, the tough keep growing!

Her pro debut at the Orange County Convention Center is just the beginning. After that, our bikini pixie heads to the Steel City for the Pittsburgh Pro and possibly the Big Apple a week later for the New York Pro. Shelsea-Mania is just getting started.


~ by Dean Sucich on April 4, 2010.

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