Top Five Finish Puts Kari Keenan Back on Figure Radar

"Kari 2.0": Sporting cute and sassy blonde highlights, "Babytatten" cheerfully flaunts her new and improved physique at the recent Arnold Amateur.

After cooling off a little, this little figure girl is starting to heat up again.

Kari Keenan has soared back into the discussion of pro card contenders following a strong showing at the Arnold Amateur earlier this month. Looking polished and revitalized, the Maryland resident surged to a fourth-place finish — her best since 2008 — in a deep figure B-class filled with some of the best from around the world.

Although smaller and a bit softer than much of the European competition at the show, Kari’s shapely physique, beaming smile and perfect presentation nearly propelled her to the top in Columbus. If the current trend in figure holds, her improved look could be an advantage once she gets back to the national stage this summer.

Watch Kari working abs in the gym just a few days out from the Arnold. She has a Youtube channel with several training clips offering tips on proper form and movement. Also, check out her profile page on Team Tight Curves!

Flashback: Kari poses during her 2008 shoot.

Being healthier and happier these days are just a couple of reasons behind Kari’s resurgence — a fresh approach to diet and contest prep, supporting friends, plenty of pep talks and some tweaks in training are some others — and the radiant shortie details much of the progress on her thoughtful and insightful blog, which is an invaluable resource for newcomers seeking an honest and comprehensive glimpse into the realities of making it to the stage. Figure Girl World is one of the most compelling and brilliantly written chronicles of life as a figure competitor online.

Inspiring as well as informative, my favorite quote from Kari is motivation of a high order and belongs scribbled on paper — if not framed — and pinned next to favorite photoshoots, progress pictures and the latest Olympia champs on every aspiring competitor’s bulletin board. “We’re all a work in progress,” Kari writes, “and we have the power to change our bodies, to mold them into the sculptures of our dreams.

Not everyone understands, but for those who do, it’s poetry.


~ by Dean Sucich on March 19, 2010.

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