Interview with Figure Competitor Tracy Simonsen

Our latest discovery, figure competitor Tracy Simonsen.

Nudged towards the world of figure by fitness magazines and inspired by top female competitors adorning each glossy page, newcomer Tracy Simonsen now finds herself a perfect candidate to be the next hot cover story. Believe it or not, this auburn-haired athlete from Aurora, Colorado was unsure at first if she had the strict command over her body to make it to the stage.

She did. Drawn by the motivating allure of perfect, scintillating physiques and encouraged by her boyfriend, who competes as a bodybuilder, Tracy decided to give figure a try. The 27-year-old not only succeeded but has thrived, winning an overall title in her home state and moving on to the NPC national level.

Armed with more poise and confidence – and arms that are a vascular dreamscape of healthy muscle – Tracy’s goals have gotten loftier this year. She’s currently working on polishing her already stunning 5-foot-3, 115-pound frame for a run at a pro card while helping others along their fitness journeys as a supplement specialist and aspiring nutritionist.

Recently, Tracy took time out to give us the scoop on her path to this point as well as sharing details on her training and competition plans. Along the way, she reveals the name of a chief inspiration, Pauline Nordin, whose physique she hopes to someday emulate. A testament to her hard work, comparing pics from her contest-shape shoot at Nationals last November with video of the Swedish star shows that Tracy is catching up to another goal and gaining fast on one of her heroes.

Dean: Tracy, would you share a little bit about your athletic background? Were you always pretty active and fit growing up or play any sports during high school or college?

Tracy: “Growing up I have always been fairly athletic. I participated in basketball, volleyball and track. I was ok in those sports I mainly played for fun.”

Dean: In order to keep the competitiveness going, many women in the industry transition into figure or fitness after participating in a team sport. Is that how you began training more intensely? When did you first realize you wanted to compete in figure?

Chasing Goals: Tracy is one to watch out for this season.

Tracy: “Actually after school I stopped with sports. I always had an interest in staying fit so I began lifting weights and doing cardio on a regular basis just to maintain a fit physique. I always wanted to look like the figure competitors I saw in the magazines but never thought I had the discipline to get my body that way. My boyfriend also competes and convinced me that I can do it! I dieted with him for one of his shows to see if I could stick with it. I did and liked the results, so I decided to compete in the next show available.”

Dean: What would you say are some of the most rewarding aspects so far relating to your healthy lifestyle?

Tracy: “The most rewarding so far would obviously be winning the Colorado State show. Staying fit and feeling great all the time is also a great benefit. I work in a supplement store and I love helping people live a healthier lifestyle. Having customers recognize that I compete and have knowledge in nutrition, supplements and workouts, I get a lot of people who come to me for advice and encouragement. Just knowing that people look up to me to help them feels great.”

Dean: Do you have any favorite body parts or exercises that you are particularly strong at? Have you ever surprised anyone else in the gym with your strength?

Tracy: [Laughs] “I love it all but my favorite would have to be arms! They are definitely my strongest body part. In fact for my last show I didn’t train arms at all! I was told they were maybe too big and needed to stop training them. As far as surprising people during a workout…I have turned a few heads while doing pull ups and shrugs, (not together, of course). In the gym I always see people kicking their legs or not fully extending their arms during a pull up. I don’t cheat and I fully extend my arms! I think mainly people look because you never really see girls doing pull ups or shrugs.”

Dean: Was posing for Krivs Studio one of your first physique model photoshoots? Did you have fun or feel a sense of confidence and empowerment in flexing and showing off your hard-earned muscles?

Tracy: “I have done three other figure photoshoots, but this was the first one videotaped. I had a blast and felt so amazing during the shoot! I felt very confident and definitely had a lot of fun. The shoot was outside and at times I would have a small audience, seeing people admire the posing was also pretty cool.”

Dean: You mentioned it earlier and congratulations on winning the Colorado State Figure overall title and qualifying for NPC Nationals in Florida this past fall! Have you made any competition plans for the upcoming season? What kinds of improvements have you made to your physique that you think will really grab everyone’s attention this year?

Tracy: “Thank you, winning the State show was an amazing feeling. I am thinking about competing at USAs in July! I am going to keep focusing on leaning out my legs more and building up my back. Every show I do I always come back better than the last, so keep your eye out!”

Taking Stage: Tracy is pondering competing next at the NPC USAs in Las Vegas this summer.

Dean: I’m sure that earning a pro card is high on your list of things to aim for. Talk about some other goals you have in health and fitness? Are you already a personal trainer or perhaps working on a certification?

Tracy: “Of course I want to get my pro card! I am certainly striving to get it soon! Currently I am not a personal trainer, but maybe sometime in the future. I have such a passion for health and wellness, and I thoroughly enjoy helping people feel better and reach their goals. I am extremely knowledgeable on supplements and how they work in the body. I feel that becoming more familiar with nutrition would help further my career in this industry and aid in helping clients reach their goals. So I am looking into becoming a nutritionist.”

Dean: Finally, I’ve noticed a lot of competitors seem to have a favorite motivational quote or something else that kick-starts them to head to the gym on certain days when the motivation isn’t there. What do you use for inspiration on days like these?

Tracy: “Well I have definitely had those days! I think we all have. I have a couple of ways to get myself motivated. I am a huge fan of Pauline Nordin, and her physique is my goal so if I ever need a little push I’ll look at some of her pics. On my leg days I’ll Youtube Ronnie Coleman doing squats! ‘Ya buddy,’ ‘Lightweight,’ ‘ain’t nothin but a peanut.’ [Ronnie-isms] Lol!

“Then on those really tough days (normally during show preps), I have a poem my dad gave me titled ‘Don’t Quit.’ Every time I have begun prep for a show it seems as if fifteen other problems crash down on me at one time and I often find myself wanting to quit the shows. Many times that poem helped me stick with it. Then last but not least, Philippians 4:13, ‘I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.’”

Dean: Tracy, I hope you had fun doing this interview! I’m sure fans of our site are going to love it. Thanks again for giving me this chance to get to know more about you and best of luck this season!

Tracy: Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I hope I can be an inspiration to people. Keep your eye out for me, there’s more to come!


~ by Dean Sucich on March 11, 2010.

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