New Figure Standout Makes Waves Along Florida Coast

Baby Blue: Jennifer Blundell is destined to be a splashing success.

Another outstanding discovery out of the Northwest, Jennifer Blundell is a 31-year-old personal trainer and figure girl from Bellevue, Washington. The inspired mother of two launched her competitive career in 2008 at the Vancouver USA Natural Classic, taking first in her class. She’s also a University of Washington alum and a nutritional coach and product specialist.

Last fall, Jennifer celebrated her NPC Nationals debut but missed the cut in a crowded class-D that included over thirty of the best amateurs. Still, competing at perhaps the toughest national-level event of the season is a positive for any sophomore figure girl and given her highly impressive athletic track record, this striking 5-foot-5 brunette likely won’t be lost in the shuffle next time.

Splash Hit: The latest figure dream girl reacts to the crashing surf during her shoot.

Among her achievements in an extensive sports background covering the last fifteen-plus years, Jennifer was a high school soccer all-star and went on to coach camps for younger players, teaching the fundamentals of the game to kids 12-and-under. She has also been active in tennis, softball, golf and skiing.

But the area Jennifer has overwhelmingly excelled in has been track and field, where the gifted athlete was once a Junior Olympic state champion in the 100-yard dash and finished second in the 200-yard dash. Talk about an intense rivalry, Jennifer was so dominant in her days as a sprinter that it left some opponents exasperated — the most rankled of whom would actually try to incite fights with her away from the track!

Fortunately, the fight for Jennifer down in the Sunshine State last November was a polite one amongst photographers scrambling to get her knockout good looks, winning personality and contest-shape physique — highlighted by a mighty back, powerful shoulders and strikingly detailed vascularity — in front of the lens. Luckily, before she made a splash indoors on the national stage, Jennifer was out getting her feet wet posing on the beach, as you’ll see in this picturesque sample clip.

Seaside Muscle: Statuesque Jennifer gazes out over the Atlantic.

In terms of providing overwhelming visual delight, the sumptuous sights from Florida — towering seaside resorts, swaying palm trees, golden sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean vistas — make this one of the best shoots ever, with waves crashing against the curvy feminine muscle of beautiful Jennifer Blundell at the center of a magical tableau.


~ by Dean Sucich on February 11, 2010.

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