Janet Kaufman to Judge at Emerald Cup

Critical Edge: Bodybuilder Janet Kaufman will be one of the judges at the 2010 Emerald Cup. Here she is posing at the '08 Nationals.

Longtime bodybuilder Janet Kaufman has flexed her physique under intense scrutiny for over twenty years, no doubt gaining plenty of knowledge as to what the men and women in the judges pit are looking for. Come springtime at this year’s Emerald Cup, the 43-year-old national-level competitor will join the critics in the first row, using her highly trained eyes to break down the action on stage.

Speaking of on stage, Janet heads into the new season after having a pro card narrowly elude her with second place finishes at the Masters Nationals and Nationals last year. The 5-foot-3 middleweight also won her class at the Masters in ‘07 and ‘08 and should be a serious contender should she compete again at this year’s show, slated for July 23rd back in Pittsburgh.

Here’s a highlight of Janet from her shoot in Atlanta during the 2008 Nationals, showing off one of the most dramatically sliced and shredded lower bodies in the sport. Some steel beams would bend against the strength in those legs.

Back to Emerald Cup news. Janet will travel across the Evergreen State from her home in Lewiston, Idaho to be at the April 16th show. This year, the popular regional event shifts to Snoqualmie, Washington — home of scenic tourist site, Snoqualmie Falls — just a short distance from downtown Seattle.


~ by Dean Sucich on January 26, 2010.

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