“DA-NEE JAY, DA-NEE JAY!” Vote Today For Danny J!

Show Time: Danny J is in Los Angeles competing at the Bodyspace Spokesmodel finals. Vote for her today!

Superstar Las Vegas personal trainer Danny J will be working the crowd tomorrow at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo, but today is your chance to push our reigning desert diva closer to the grand prize covered in last week’s blockbuster interview on the blog.

Here’s the scoop. For one full day, beginning today at 9am Pacific time and lasting until the same time tomorrow, fans are asked to vote for their favorites one more time in the Bodyspace Spokesmodel search.

This is pretty important. According to the rules, if it comes down to a tiebreaker — very likely considering this exemplary cast of strikingly accomplished and stunningly fit females — the model receiving the most votes today will win the contest.

Last night, following another busy day of appearances, a nervous but excited Danny graciously took a moment to share some details of her big adventure unfolding this weekend in the City of Angels.

She had just finished a photoshoot with a pair of fitness beauties from the dazzling quintet facing off together, IFBB figure pro Erin Stern and 28-year-old WNSO pro Mindy Karuk from Canada. Danny succinctly sized up the competition. “Both girls look incredible and are also nice so it will be a hard one,” she said.

The other finalists are Washington State grad Jaquelyn Kay, a 26-year-old personal trainer from Virginia Beach; and Alexandra Porshnikoff, a 36-year-old national-level competitor from San Francisco. “We will all be working the booth at the expo until about 1pm,” Danny explained about Saturday’s show, “so please come by and say hi and get pictures.

During the contest, a panel of judges will also be asking the women questions and at the end, “we will all go out to a song of our choice with pictures from our photoshoot posted behind us,” Danny said. “I want a huge cheering section going DA-NEE JAY, DA-NEE JAY!!

Danny’s parents have come out to the west coast to see the show. No doubt, they will be leading the crowd in the raucous chant for their amazing young daughter.

Have you voted for her yet?


~ by Dean Sucich on January 22, 2010.

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