Sherrie Carnicle Set to Join Bikini Ranks

Changing Times: Sherrie is excited about a move into the bikini division this year.

One move is paying off and another likely soon will as the competitive season gets going for Sherrie Carnicle. The Western Illinois University graduate and longtime personal trainer recently relocated from Minnesota to Arizona and runs her own fitness center down in the arid environs of Scottsdale.

Sherrie also shared news earlier this month of an impending move from the figure division to the bikini division, a promising shift that many supporters seem to agree could have the fetchingly fit blonde holding a pro card before very long. Indeed, Sherrie hasn’t even stepped on stage in the new category, yet loyal fans in the FitGems contest voted to nominate her for a bikini award.

It’s certainly difficult to bet against someone with this impressive of an athletic background. “I took up weightlifting and sports such as track, volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading at the age of 14,” Sherrie writes on her personal trainer bio page, “and was bench pressing more than my bodyweight within the first year.”

Best of luck to the ambitious fitness mom and inspiring role model as she joins the bikini ranks.

Meanwhile, lets take a look back at some excellent footage of Sherrie posing during her time as a figure hardbody. If competitors like her can bring this level of muscle in a smoother package, the subsequent aesthetic curves would set a worthy precedent in bikini’s second season.

~ by Dean Sucich on January 20, 2010.

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