A Tale of Two Kortneys

Bodybuilder Kortney Olson.

Already blessed with knockout good looks, you might think the signature initials stamped boldly over the right shoulder of the stunningly luminous 28-year-old Kortney Olson were meant merely as a flashy personal declaration, a confident wink to her considerable feminine pulchritude.

It’s only when you look closer at the steely frame of this free-spirited, hardcore 5-foot-7, 160-pound physique model — her thickly muscled legs owing as much to pumping heavy iron as to growing up in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Northwest California — that the tattoo takes on significantly more intimidating connotations.

Dramatically, the symbol of duplicity is fitting considering that lurking beneath KO’s sweet exterior skulks a shadowy figure that haunts the corners of her new website.

KO strikes a pose with a smile.

Inside are stories (perhaps true, perhaps exaggerated, who knows) of “The Enforcer,” Kortney’s gorgeous and merciless alter ego. This diabolical doppelganger makes a point of viciously punishing hapless victims with her hulking power while cruelly tormenting them with her fierce, titillating sexuality. Told in graphic detail, the tales are violent, lewd, riotously fetishistic and sometimes bizarrely funny.

And that’s just in the free area. Paying customers get a great deal more. Come to think of it, maybe KO really stands for keep out (the kiddies, that is). But anyway, back to our PG-rated blog.

Posing during her photoshoot in Las Vegas over this past summer, Kortney looks positively angelic. Playing more the role of plucky princess than femme fatale, she’s a spellbinding vision of health with only a dash of irreverence. Perhaps she only gets sinister behind closed doors.

Showing off the guns in Sin City.

Glowing in quixotic streaks of sunlight pouring down from the hotel roof at the USAs, a playfully raffish Kortney gives us an effortless lift and carry demonstration with guest star Abby Marie, followed by a mixed armwrestling tour de force — note KO’s dancing, quivering shoulder muscles during this highlight — against ace photographer Danny Fittro.

Looking back over this post, I quashed an earlier headline and went instead with The Tale of Two Kortneys, which sounds more cinematic and befitting of this burlesque underground entertainer. She’s radiant with energy and skill, confidence and covergirl appeal.

But questions remain. Who is this fascinating young woman? Is KO rough or refined, menacing or charming, gentle or deadly? Assuredly, she’s as strong and mysterious, as beautiful and inscrutable a muscle maiden to come around in a long time.

Still can’t quite figure her out? Maybe that’s the point.


~ by Dean Sucich on January 9, 2010.

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