Fitness Pro Caps Banner Year With Olympia Bid

Yenny's Year: A pro card and an Olympia berth in '09 for this fitness dynamo.

It Was a Very Good Year,” as the legendary Frank Sinatra once crooned. And it certainly was a very good year for Yenny Polanco, a fitness legend in the making.

We were fortunate to catch up with the wildly talented Latina superstar from Boston twice during her phenomenal campaign in 2009. She was already a pro in multiple federations as well as the reigning Figure America Champion at the time of her initial shoot from the Arnold earlier this year.

But much like this impressive highlight of the saucy and skilled athlete in Columbus, she was just getting warmed up.

By the time the studio hooked up with Yenny again at the most recent Olympia — and stay tuned for footage of the second shoot coming soon — the woman nicknamed “Lady Dynamite” was in the middle of an explosive three-week stretch that began with earning a pro card for her overall win in the short class at Team Universe.

The tenacious brunette with muscles and nerves of steel wasn’t finished yet.

Yenny penciled in her IFBB debut for the Ft. Lauderdale Cup on October 10th. Among many of the best in the fitness biz, the rookie pro would perform her lucky new party theme routine once again on the Florida stage.

Pro & Protegee: Flexing with Alli Moyer, Yenny sports a new hairstyle during her latest shoot coming soon to the studio.

Ultimately, the party kept right on going for this remarkable Beantown resident. In a stirring denouement, Yenny went on to finish third in her debut show, sewing up an unprecedented Olympia qualification just three weeks after turning pro!

Posing in a new photo with Alli Moyer, Yenny shows off a shorter, sleeker haircut replacing the long, flamboyant curls from her earlier shoot. Yenny will have even bigger designs on her mind when she returns to Las Vegas in 2010 — taking the stage as a first-time Fitness Olympia competitor.


~ by Dean Sucich on December 22, 2009.

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