Amanda’s Muscle Show

Muscle Toy: Amanda squeezes her bicep tugging on a leather belt, one of several flexing gadgets used during an inventive shoot in LA.

It’s no surprise Amanda Folstad is one of our returning favorites on the site, showing all the reasons why during a thoroughly engaging sophomore shoot from the Excalibur last year. In prime condition after taking top honors in her class at the show, the young bodybuilder was in the mood for some lighthearted, offbeat fun.

Check out these highlights and see what I mean. At one point, Amanda gamely leaves the dramatically muscled curves and fissures of her chiseled physique open for a couple quirky prop gags. If you’ve ever wondered whether the cuts sweeping across the marbleized shoulder of a star physique athlete could be deep and defined enough to double as a human coin holder, here’s your answer.

We get a big comic moment at the end of this montage, thanks to the hilariously self-effacing Lou, brilliantly spoofing the fastidious but irresistible madness of us wacky female physique lovers with a timely one-liner. Laughing sweetly, Amanda ultimately steals the scene with a breezy quip, her signature boulder bicep and a smile.

“Anything else,” she says warmly as the camera backs away from another take. You know us, Amanda, there’s always room for more!


~ by Dean Sucich on December 18, 2009.

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