Figure Girl Allison Moyer — Coming Soon!

Alli Moyer flexes with a hint of mischief at the 2008 Olympia. All new footage of Figure’s Badass is coming soon!

It’s getting cold outside but count on defrosting those windows thanks to the heat of superstar talent rolling into the studio this winter. The latest name guaranteed to bring temperatures up is fiery Allison Moyer, the highly popular 25-year-old figure lass out of Pennsylvania.

Not shy about giving opinions, Alli’s witty and insightful, engaging and often hilariously sarcastic blog mingles foxy with moxie. Among reviews of recent posts on the eponymous page, Alli railed on peevish, disingenuous fans (smart, scathing and riotously funny); revealed a move to the lighter side with a hairstyle change involving a platinum blonde coiffure (nice, but I think medium-length strawberry-blonde would be cute); and discusses switching to bodybuilding next year if figure doesn’t pan out (thoughtful, intimate and emotionally charged).

Competitively, Alli plans on taking the stage at the Arnold for her initial stop in 2010. She’ll be in the figure ranks, where her heart remains, hoping to successfully navigate the slippery too muscular for figure but not quite big enough for bodybuilding slope that has flummoxed her — and many others — in the past.

Stay tuned for footage from her shoot at the most recent Olympia coming up soon. Meanwhile, check out this quick highlight from the ‘08 show, where Alli sent camera flashes popping and pulses racing with a baseball-sized biceps exhibition during the expo. With a physique as impressive as that, there’s no question Figure’s Badass is really pretty darn good.


~ by Dean Sucich on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Figure Girl Allison Moyer — Coming Soon!”

  1. Wow Thank you for such an amazing write up! Hope everyone enjoys the footage Lou and I got from the 2009 Olympia- he and had a blast in Sin City and I hope to work with Krivs Studio again in the future!

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