Youngster Nicole Pearson Making Impressive Strides


Downtown Nikki: The cute young figure girl poses in an elegant, spaghetti-strapped black dress.

Coming in at just 22 years old, Nicole Pearson is one of our youngest models, but this sporty lass — her athletic interests range from Polynesian dance, to snowboarding, to motocross racing — has already taken significant steps up the NPC ladder starting with an appearance at the North Americans over the summer.

The raven-haired wunderkind from Chicago placed 13th in class D, not bad for a beginner, and picked up experience competing against some of the best at the amateur level. She hopes a tweak or two helps her gain in the standings as she preps for the Nationals down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Hot off the presses, here’s some footage from Nikki’s excellent shoot in Cleveland a few months back. As the promising figure girl sensuously squeezes her outstanding bicep in this highlight, here’s hoping the young star squeezes her way into the top ten, or better, in the Sunshine State next weekend.

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~ by Dean Sucich on November 15, 2009.

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