Carmen Tocheniuk Muscles Into Heavyweights at Canadian Nationals

North of the Border Muscle: Edmonton's Carmen Tocheniuk.

North of the Border Muscle: Edmonton's Carmen Tocheniuk.

Having packed considerable muscle onto her steely 5-foot-3 frame, radiant young Carmen Tocheniuk took the stage with the heavyweights at the recent Canadian Nationals. The Vancouver, B.C. show was one week ahead of the baby-faced brunette’s 29th birthday, and the personal trainer and gym owner from Edmonton in the neighboring province of Alberta would celebrate a respectable fifth place finish at the end of the night.

A while has passed since she started as a lightweight bodybuilder back in 2004, and to date Carmen has sampled all three weight classes in a quest to find her place. Her contest weight hovers around 125, bulking to as high as 160 off season. Dramatic shifts indeed, especially for a young lady whose freshman journey on stage was as an intrepid but incongruous fitness competitor in 2003.

Bodybuilding has been a better fit, and that Carmen always looks so polished and symmetrical regardless of weight class — here she is as a middleweight two years ago, and as a heavyweight this year — is evidence of the tight control she maintains over her physique before and throughout contest prep.

Carmen placed fifth at the Canadian Nationals.

Carmen placed fifth at the Canadian Nationals.

Winding the clock back to her studio shoot at the North Americans in 2007, Carmen was at her best as you’ll see in this highlight.

Like a bodybuilding cover girl with bright, striking blue eyes coolly mixing with the warm, bronze glow of her contest tan, she sported razor-like separation in her quads, outstanding arms and rippling chest muscles.

You can check out more about Carmen on her website. This north of the border beauty is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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