Sarah Hayes Wins NPC Europa Bodybuilding Overall

Texas Tornado: Sarah has roared through the Lone Star State.

Texas Tornado: Sarah has roared through the Lone Star State.

Sarah Hayes has made herself right at home in the great state of Texas. Since becoming a denizen of the deep south, the former Minnesotan has dominated the bodybuilding scene, capturing three consecutive titles with the latest romp over the weekend at the NPC Europa.

Impressive if not surprising given her tremendous potential, the win follows an overall title at the Lone Star Championships and a heavyweight crown at the Ronnie Coleman Classic earlier this year. Here’s the Europa champ posing proudly over her newest trophy out in Dallas.

One more win for Sarah could cap a precipitous rise to the pros. Rumor has it the nationally ranked competitor plans to ride her momentum straight to the North Americans in less than two weeks, where she’ll muscle-up against some of the best amateurs in the sport.

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~ by Dean Sucich on August 17, 2009.

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  1. You are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I contemplate as to why you branded this blog, “Sarah Hayes Wins NPC Europa
    Bodybuilding Overall | Krivs Studio Blog”. Regardless I really loved the article!

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