Macey-esque Mary Simmons “Peaks” Ahead to Nationals

There's Something About Mary: Figure competitor Mary Simmons.

There's Something About Mary: Figure competitor Mary Simmons.

“I think they’re awesome,” figure competitor Mary Simmons says of the dramatic bicep peaks she has developed, stirring comparisons to the signature arms of figure pro Macey Boudreau. “I like things a little over the top.”

Thanks in large part to her uncanny resemblance to a certain figure luminary from British Columbia, over the top is one way to describe the buzz that Mary — a 5-foot-4, 120-pound personal trainer from Montana — has generated since arriving on the scene.

If there isn’t a proven formula for success in this interminably evolving and subjective sport, having a bicep peak that evokes a formidable IFBB pro is a good place to start.

For Mary, finishing second in her class at the Emerald Cup this year was another good start. Her quest continues in Florida this November, slipping into her figure heels for the NPC Nationals.

Flex Off: Macey & Mary share some peak reflections.

Flex Off: Macey & Mary share some peak reflections.

Deflecting the Macey associations with disarming modesty, Mary is more candid about the general rave reviews she receives from fans coveting her mighty 13½-inch cannons. “Women want guns like mine,” she says with delightful aplomb.

But wanting arms like Mary and actually having the right genetic makeup are two different things. Case in point, this short segment from her shoot in Seattle, in which Mary talks glowingly about one of her biggest fans, her 10-year-old daughter, whose muscles are beginning to take shape just like a chip off the old chiseled block.

Strong, fit, healthy. Like mother, like daughter.

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~ by Dean Sucich on August 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Macey-esque Mary Simmons “Peaks” Ahead to Nationals”

  1. I’m sorry, but there is no comparison….this woman blows Macey away….She is the undisputed bicep queen in fitness…bar none..she even makes Mindi’s arms look like peashooters…

    I joined here just to see her…she has absolute BOULDERS!!!

  2. This woman is Hot!!

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