Interview with Figure Competitor Breanne Mollman

Figure girl Breanne Mollman strikes a pose in her studio debut.

Figure girl Breanne Mollman strikes a pose in her studio debut.

A summer of outstanding new talent continues with Breanne Mollman, a 23-year-old figure competitor from Oklahoma. We caught up with this delightfully soft-spoken, curvy cowgirl-next-door in Chicago during her national debut, where she illuminated the stage – and our lenses – with her gentle smile, bright blue eyes and shimmering blonde hair.

Her debut on the studio is coming soon. Meanwhile, here’s a short, two part sneak preview of the shoot, with a glimpse of Breanne’s great biceps and abs.

The former soccer player and recent college grad graciously shared some thoughts with me on topics including her athletic background, notes on training and future plans. Breanne reveals how she developed a passion for figure early on and continues to work tenaciously at shaping her already impressive physique.

It’s time you get to know this bright young star out the Sooner State. Soon enough, Bre’s spirited determination and boundless potential will merge to create one tough, little contender on the national stage.

Dean: Bre, you have that perfect look we really love – cute and feminine, sporty and fit. Were you always pretty athletic and competitive growing up? Did you ever have any strength contests in school or get asked to arm wrestle or compare muscles with other kids?

Breanne: “Growing up I was competitive and athletic. I was involved in sports and engaged in physical activities often. I have never been very strong but I have always been a hard worker! I think high school was the first time that I began comparing my muscles with other girls, often times we would flex in class.”

Dean: I know you played soccer throughout high school. Is that when you first began working out or did you start sooner?

Contest-Shape Crunch: Bre takes a moment to squeeze her abs while lounging in the sunshine.

Contest-Shape Crunch: Bre takes a moment to squeeze her abs while lounging in the sunshine.

Breanne: “I began running and doing cardiovascular activities when I was in junior high. However, I really started lifting seriously in college.”

Dean: How did your interest in figure contests begin? Was it something you had an inkling to try early on or did someone suggest them to you?

Breanne: “I had been working out with a trainer and one day he mentioned competing to me. I knew right then it was something I wanted to try, although I had NO CLUE what I was getting myself into at the time. It wasn’t long before I fell in LOVE with the sport.”

Blonde & Biceps: Bre gets her shapely arms pumped during her shoot.

Blonde & Biceps: Bre gives her shapely arms a pump during her shoot.

Dean: Do you have any favorite exercises or muscles that you like to show off? Have you ever impressed a friend or someone else in the gym, or even outside the gym, with your strength or with a flex?

Breanne: “I have always had really great, muscular legs. I rarely work them and they maintain their shape year round. Lately, I have focused on building my upper body and have become a fan of my shoulders.”

Dean: Your figure debut at the Oklahoma State Championships was a tremendous success, but the path from prep to show time – especially for a young newcomer – is bound to have some bumps. Can you recall any of the highs and lows, physically or emotionally, from that experience? What part stood out that made you know you wanted to keep competing?

Love at First Sight: Bre started training for figure in 2007. She quickly fell in love with the sport.

Love at First Sight: Bre started training for figure in 2007. She quickly fell in love with the sport.

Breanne: “The trainer I had worked with early on didn’t do much for my physique. Slowly, my metabolism was breaking down with each show that I did. I think the hardest obstacle was realizing I needed to switch contest prep coaches. Once I made that switch, I could instantly tell a tremendous amount of progress in my physique.”

Dean: Now that you’re nationally qualified, what sorts of things are you looking to improve on before hitting the stage again? Which show are you considering competing at next?

Breanne: “I want to continue to rebuild my metabolism and make gains in my back and shoulders. I will probably do a local show in the Midwest area next spring then a couple of national level shows in the summer.”

Dean: Congrats on graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma recently. What were your academic interests and areas of study? Are you also planning on a career somewhere in the health and fitness industry?


Figure Model: Breanne would make a dazzling fitness magazine cover girl someday.

Breanne: “Thank you! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing. I would like to one day combine both my love for fashion and fitness. I am not quite sure yet what I will do. Currently I am in retail management.”

Dean: Any other news you’d like to share or perhaps a fitness-related project you‘d like to plug? Are you planning on attending any upcoming shows or working an expo booth?

Breanne: “I will be attending the NPC Europa in Texas. I would LOVE to do some booth work if given the opportunity to do so. I did just launch my website,, and you can also check out my amazing trainer, Jeremy Minihan at”

Dean: Thanks for being such a sweetheart, Bre. I wish you all the best!

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